Saturday, 19 November 2011

PavCo Minister says that breaking Vancouver City By-laws is a “successful conclusion”??

In this video of the BC Legislative Assembly, Vancouver West End MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert warns the Minister responsible for PavCo that the giant video screen MUST BE TAKEN DOWN NOW!  Please email Minister Pat Bell <> and MLA Mary McNeil <> (and be sure to ‘cc’ MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert <>), and tell Minister Bell and MLA McNeil that:
  1. local residents STILL have a giant video screen invading their living rooms, flashing across their dinner tables, and pumping ads into their children’s bedrooms;
  2. this situation has DEFINITELY NOT “reached a successful conclusion”;
  3. modifying how you break the law is STILL breaking the law;
  4. EVEN THE MAYOR OF VANCOUVER has asked the Province to comply with City By-laws;
  5. PavCo cannot possibly be “working within the structure of the approved bylaws” because the screen’s SIZE ITSELF contravenes City By-laws (as well as several other sections of the law);
  6. City Councillor Meggs has said that PAVCO AMBUSHED CITY HALL with this giant screen and therefore the Minister cannot claim that “PavCo has been working with the City”;
  7. comments about operating hours and brightness are a poor whitewash tactic – The health and wellbeing of Vancouver City residents is NON-NEGOTIABLE;
  8. the giant video screen at Terry Fox Plaza MUST BE TAKEN DOWN NOW!
(Legislative Assembly video link should appear just below this paragraph)