Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Please make your voice heard

**Update on this previous post**:  If you’re interested in contacting officials to complain about how the giant screen is disrupting your home life or that of other residents, please refer instead to the post on this blog entitled ‘PavCo Minister says that breaking Vancouver City By-laws is a successful conclusion‘ – There are new suggestions in that post which might simplify your task and also help unify our message.

(Previous post):  Residents who are being visually assaulted by the screen in their homes have called, emailed and written complaints to:

- Premier Christy Clark (provincial, highest urgency)
- MLA Mary McNeil (provincial, highest urgency)
- Minister Pat Bell (provincial, highest urgency)
- Mayor Gregor Robertson (municipal, medium urgency)
- Councillor Geoff Meggs (municipal, medium urgency)
- Chief Building Official Will Johnston (municipal, medium urgency)
- ‘311’ City Complaint Telephone Line (municipal, medium urgency)
call 3-1-1 or 604-873-7000

Please take 20 minutes: It is important that all concerned residents take time to write at least one letter of complaint this week (if you can, also send copies to all those others listed above). Our collective message is that they must Take the Giant Screen Down Now (along with an explanation of how it’s negatively affecting your life at home, or that of other residents). Emails and phone calls are also good, but when contacting provincial agencies, mailed letters are provided the highest level of attention. Thanks for working together and doing your part. We are all members of this community, we have a right to a peaceful and enjoyable life (even downtown!), and taking individual action as part of this collective group is a very powerful thing.