PAVCO Still in Contravention of City Bylaws

Chosen as a 'Top letter' from amongst hundreds of complaint letters and emails received about the giant digital billboards at BC Place Stadium:

Subject: 'PAVCO still in contravention of City Bylaws'

Dear Minister Pat Bell,

Thank you for your reply concerning the actions of PAVCO in regard to the BC Place electronic signage.

It appears that PAVCO is still in direct contravention of City Bylaws concerning the maximum allowable size of billboard signage. Changing the brightness of the screen does not bring it into compliance, so their present response does not address the problem. Furthermore, a unanimous motion was passed by all ten City Councillors as well as the City Mayor on Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 to seek PavCo's compliance with City processes and Bylaws regarding outdoor signage at BC Place Stadium.

The actions of PAVCO reflect a lawless and disrespectful attitude that definitely doesn't indicate an intention to be the best neighbour possible. For a Crown corporation to behave in such a manner does seem like an abuse of the public trust.

I would greatly appreciate if you would investigate this matter and determine how PAVCO can be brought to respect the laws of the City and the wishes of public.

Concerned voter