An Insult to the Terry Fox Memorial

Chosen as a 'Top letter' from amongst hundreds of complaint letters and emails received about the giant digital billboards at BC Place Stadium:

Subject: 'An Insult to the Terry Fox Memorial'

Minister Pat Bell,

As a BC resident, I wish to express my disapproval regarding BC PavCo's irresponsible decision to erect a 2000 square-foot high-definition LED video screen at Terry Fox Plaza in September 2011.

As a visitor to Vancouver I stayed at a residence in the area, in a room facing the video screen. I could not believe how intrusive the sign was. It lighted up the whole room and was very distracting as it changed regularly. It is really an insult to the Monument that has been built to Terry Fox.

I have taken note of the advertisers and will do my best to avoid those products.

I believe that this giant screen at Terry Fox Plaza needs to be removed for one or more of the following reasons:

1. The giant video screen violates several sections of the City of Vancouver Sign Bylaw.
2. The Vancouver City Mayor has requested that BC PavCo comply with Vancouver City Bylaws and take the giant video screen down.
3. The giant video screen is 10 times the allowable billboard size and was irresponsibly positioned directly in front of hundreds of glass residential homes.
4. The bright flashing light from the giant video screen threatens the health and well-being of neighbouring residents.
5. The advertisement on the giant video screen greatly dishonours the legacy of Terry Fox by overshadowing the Terry Fox memorial with Telus, Budweiser and Pepsi slogans.
6. The giant video screen was secretly erected without any City consultation, community consultation or community impact assessment.
7. The giant video screen devalues Vancouver and damages the visual appeal of our beautiful cityscapes.
8. The giant video screen runs contrary to Vancouver's great efforts and progress towards becoming the Greenest City in the world.

I trust that you will immediately take action to rectify this situation and instruct BC PavCo to take the giant screen down now.

Concerned BC resident and Voter