How does Pavco come to be above the law?

Chosen as a 'Top letter' from amongst hundreds of complaint letters and emails received about the giant digital billboards at BC Place Stadium: 

Subject: How does Pavco come to be above the law?

Dear Minister Bell,

I originally sent you a letter dated October 11, 2011, but I have had no reply.  I have lived in Yaletown for 15 years.  There have been many changes to my neighborhood over the years, but they were mostly the predictable changes of growth.  The erection of a giant advertising screen could not have been predicted by the residents of this neighborhood.  I bought my condo with good faith that the city bylaws would protect me from things of this nature.  City bylaws are in place to protect residents.  How does Pavco come to be above the law?  I have heard your comments that Pavco is reducing hours, nonsense, and that the issue is resolved.  It is certainly not resolved!  The residents of this neighborhood should not be assaulted by Telus and Budweiser ads in our living room and bedroom windows!  It is an eyesore and has certainly affected our property value.  Who in their right mind would purchase a condo that faces a 2000 square foot advertising screen?  Pavco is obviously raking in the advertising dollars at the expense of the residents of this neighborhood.  Reduced hours or minimally dimming the giant screen is not a solution at all.  The point is that the screen is a bylaw infraction and Pavco should abide by the city bylaws just like everyone else.  The screen must be removed as that is the only acceptable way to resolve this issue.