Friday, 14 October 2011

Why do we need a giant video screen anyways? – debunking the rhetoric

In this second interview on the Bill Good Show on CKNW, I debunk all of the empty rhetoric that PavCo has weakly offered up for building a giant video screen in front of hundreds of residential glass homes.  When listening to CEO of PavCo Warren Buckly’s responses, it becomes obvious that there is actually no justification for keeping the giant video screen in operation. – Ask your friends: What public good is it serving? (CKNW audio/video link should appear just below this paragraph)

Interesting fact: Did anyone notice that for both live radio interviews where I shared the mic with PavCo (first on Rick Cluff, and then here during my second show with Bill Good), Warren Buckley didn't even have the courtesy to show up on time to hear my complaints? Both times he simply called in, came on the radio, admitted to both radio anchors that he hadn't listened to me at all (I went first both times), and then delivered the pre-packaged company line. So much for being sensitive to residents' concerns.