Tuesday, 15 November 2011

PavCo’s shameful betrayal of public trust on display; Residents desperately seeking action from elected Provincial officials

In the following radio interview on CKNW’s Simi Sara Show, I give concrete examples describing PavCo’s shameful betrayal of public trust.  Now that Mayor Robertson, in support of the public outrage over the giant video screen, has specifically asked Minister Pat Bell to have PavCo comply with City By-laws, how many provincial officials will step forward and add their voice to the growing drumbeat for the screen’s immediate removal?  This harassment cannot continue to be imposed on us; recall that we’re not requesting special treatment – we are simply demanding that PavCo be ordered to comply with City By-laws, the very laws written to protect citizens from exactly this type of situation.  (CKNW audio/video link should appear just below this paragraph)