Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Mayor rings Bell with sternly worded letter about giant screen

In this news scoop by Bob Mackin of the Vancouver Courier, the investigative reporter acquires and publishes a letter from Mayor Gregor Robertson to PavCo Minister Pat Bell for all to see.  In the impressively sternly worded letter, the Mayor declares that the giant video screen at Terry Fox Plaza “is not in compliance with our sign By-law” and emphasises that “This sign is already the source of significant complaints due to its impact on the neighbours”.  Furthermore, the Mayor insists that “Minister, I would ask that you direct your officials at PavCo to…bring your signage into compliance with our Bylaw”.  This revealing letter leaves no doubt whatsoever that the Mayor wants the giant screen taken down.  Read Bob Mackin’s full story at:  http://2010goldrush.blogspot.com/2011/12/mayor-rings-bell-with-letter-about.html

(Please click on the Mayor’s letter here below to enlarge the text)