Tuesday, 31 January 2012

BC PavCo attempts to stave off Freedom of Information request: illegally withholds third-party documentation

The following two letters of complaint were sent January 29 and 31, 2012 to BC PavCo’s Freedom of Information Coordinator Alexandra Wagner (who is notably also the direct executive assistant and corporate secretary to PavCo CEO Warren Buckley). The letters which address PavCo’s incomplete FOI response describe on-going attempts by the PavCo leadership to continue withholding the screen owner’s identity as well as documentation describing PavCo’s complicity in the screen’s continued operation - this despite Freedom of Information laws requiring that PavCo disclose all related documentation. 

Observers can rest assured that those leadership and non-leadership members of the BC PavCo administration who are deliberately allowing justice to be obstructed through wilful non-disclosure of the screen owner’s identity will legally and financially be held accountable under laws such as the province’s Tort and Nuisance laws, just to name a few.  The hole is growing deeper – time to come clean.

(Please click on the following two images to view the two complaint letters sent to PavCo regarding their incomplete FOI response.)

Letter of Complaint #1

Letter of complaint #2