Friday, 13 January 2012

City Hall confirms “A lot of residents are demanding the sign be taken right down” – PavCo and Telus lock down all communications with press and public

The following CTV News story confirms the flood of complaints reaching City Hall over the last four months regarding the intolerable nuisance caused by the three giant video screens at BC Place Stadium.  Also covered in the story is the increasingly likely prospect of Telus Corporation actually owning and operating the three screens in secrecy.

Seeking desperately to flee from this public relations disaster, both PavCo CEO Warren Buckley and Telus spokesperson Shawn Hall have frantically resorted to the age-old damage mitigation tactic of stonewalling the press by refusing to comment on the Telus ownership issue.  Increasingly, it’s not just the ownership of the giant screens of that’s being put in question, but also the leadership of the BC Pavilion Corporation.  

(Please click on the following link for the full CTV BC News story)