Friday, 10 February 2012

Minister Bell admits: Province could have done more

In the following story by 24 Hours News, PavCo Minister Pat Bell sidesteps questions about the gross negligence demonstrated by BC PavCo in erecting three screens at BC Place stadium – the Minister instead talks about the ‘complaints’ surrounding the screens.  

“The fact that emotions are as high as they are is a strong indication we haven’t communicated effectively,” Bell told 24 hours.  As explained to the Minister during a meeting with Take the Giant Screen Down Now spokesperson David Cookson on February 8, 2012 “emotions are as high as they are because BC PavCo has not yet followed the City’s standard processes concerning signage.  Communications with the public ‘after erecting the screens’ is really more of a damage mitigation tactic than anything else.  What the Minister and PavCo need to do now is just simply follow the City’s processes – it’s that easy.”

The province and PavCo have received increasing pressure from Vancouver City Council, which passed a unanimous motion last month demanding a clear action plan from the Crown Corporation to bring the digital screens into compliance.  Embarrassingly for PavCo, additional documents have also surfaced demonstrating PavCo’s written commitment in September 2008 “not to fetter council discretion” on issues regarding the development of False Creek North. 

(Please click the following link for the full 24 Hours story)