Monday, 31 October 2011

Telus damaging its own brand equity by imposing harassment on community

The following is an email sent to Telus media relations group (; and to the Telus investor relations group ( on Oct 27th and 30th 2011:


Did you know that your advertising is the source of much anger and resentment by a large community in downtown Vancouver?  The video screen operator, PavCo, has recklessly and contemptuously erected a new giant high definition LED screen directly in front of hundreds of residential glass homes and is blasting your ads at high intensity from an area called Terry Fox Plaza.  Check out: (and recall that blogs are read from the bottom up)

Shawn Hall of Telus has advised our group that Telus is "satisfied that the issue has been solved" and that continuous blasting of your ads into our glass homes on main event nights is considered acceptable by Telus.  Given Telus' supposed commitment to community values and social responsibility, might you wish to reconsider this position?  More importantly, might you want to reconsider your branding of the BC Place Stadium altogether?  This issue is quickly going to transition from a PavCo problem into a huge Telus brand equity problem.

- - -

Please respond.  We are referring to your incessant Telus advertising appearing on a giant video screen disrupting an entire community. Although Telus does not own the screen at Terry Fox Plaza, it is YOUR advertising which is assaulting us in our glass homes.  We are certain that your investors and your marketing team will be very concerned about your firm’s brand equity in a sensitive case like this. Do not miss this opportunity to inform your teams of this quickly escalating and potentially explosive issue.  Our group will soon begin exposing advertisers as ‘enablers’ of the giant screen (through your ad revenue support) and will start shaming those companies publicly.  We thought it would be fair to advise your company of this first so that you could act responsibly and pull your advertising from this screen.