Monday, 31 October 2011

Telus is primary enabler of harassment through its financial support of giant video screen

Telus has recently provided a statement to the Take the Giant Screen Down Now organisation which effectively declares that continued assault of local residents by Telus advertising on the giant video screen at Terry Fox Plaza until whatever random hour on major event nights is acceptable and that a continuation of operating hours well past sundown on all other nights is ‘issue solved’.  This concept that a reduction of operating hours on some nights ‘solves the issue’ is ill-formed as it suggests that continued harassment of this community and disregard for City by-laws is perfectly acceptable so long as it's not perpetuated all of the time.

With mounting public pressure and increasing scrutiny by public officials into PavCo’s questionable methods, there is little doubt that the giant video screen at Terry Fox Plaza will soon be taken down.  Once removed, and once the bad apples at PavCo have been purged from the organisation, which side of civic history will Telus be on?  Will it be A) supporting community values and social responsibility, or will it be B) financing the disruption and harassment of our glass residential neighbourhood?