Saturday, 14 January 2012

‘Signs of Trouble’ - If Telus owns screens at BC Place Stadium then City By-laws should apply – PavCo and Telus duck comments on ownership

In this follow-up story by CTV BC News, MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert confirms that PavCo Deputy Minister Dana Hayden admitted Telus Corporation’s ownership of the Terry Fox Plaza screen.  When contacting Telus to confirm ‘who owns the screens’, Telus is exposed by CTV reporter Shannon Paterson as inappropriately ducking the question and deferring to sponsorship issues. – Similarly for PavCo.  Interestingly, jurisprudence in the BC Appeals Court decision ‘District of Squamish v. Great Pacific Pumice’ indicates that City By-laws are applicable, therefore providing the City with the authority to remove third-party-owned screens from Provincial land if they do not comply with City By-laws.

If Telus proves to be the owner of the screens, PavCo CEO Warren Buckley and PavCo Minister Pat Bell will have a lot of explaining to do, beginning with why this vital information has been withheld from City Hall and from the general public for all these months. (CTV video link should appear just below this paragraph)