Saturday, 14 January 2012

‘Blinded by the light’ – Take the Giant Screen Down Now group vows to protest until screen comes down

In this story by Metro reporter Matt Kieltyka, members of Take the Giant Screen Down Now (TtGSDN) and the community alike applaud Councillor Meggs for standing up for local residents quality of life and well-being.  City Councillor Meggs states that “On an overcast day, it’s quite disturbing having a light flashing in your living room”.  — 'Disturbing' is an understatement; community residents need rest when they’re at home, not bombardment with advertising all day every day.

Surprisingly, the MLA For Vancouver-False Creek Mary McNeil remains conspicuously quiet on the issue and has abandoned the Councillor to defend this community on his own, which is disappointing to say the least since this is McNeil’s constituency. TtGSDN primary spokesperson David Cookson confirms not hearing back from McNeil despite repeated requests for contact by phone and by email on many occasions. Is MLA McNeil toeing the partisan line and simply refusing to listen to her electorate in the hopes that this will go away?

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