Sunday, 22 January 2012

UNANIMOUS! - City backs residents in billboard battle

In this follow-up story by Matt Kieltyka, we learn how Vancouver City Council is standing up for residents complaining about the electronic billboards at B.C. Place, unanimously voting in favour of a game plan which councillors hope will pressure BC PavCo into complying with the city’s sign bylaw.  PavCo’s reprehensible behaviour has harshly been criticised by several members of City Council, with Councillor Meggs saying “(Residents) are asking for some reasonable accommodations from PavCo and they should get it.”  

The motion effectively puts the PavCo leadership on notice that they must comply with City processes and sign bylaws and demands an action plan from PavCo for full compliance.  City manager Penny Ballem also confirms that the City is looking into possible legal options if PavCo does not respond swiftly.

(Please click the following link for full Metro Vancouver News story)