Sunday, 22 January 2012

City Hall insists that PavCo comply with Sign By-laws

“There’s no reason why a small group of revenue-hungry elitist executives in a dark room somewhere can decide what type of harassment that they’re going to impose on our community,” says residents group Take the Giant Screen Down Now primary spokesperson David Cookson about the BC PavCo leadership.  – Vancouver City Council agrees.

In this follow-up story by Erica Bulman, we learn how Vancouver City Council has demanded a clear action plan from PavCo on how it will bring into compliance the giant digital screens at BC Place which are beaming ads directly into the adjacent condos.  In the story, City Council clearly warns that failure to respect municipal bylaws would create “difficulties down the road” for PavCo.  City Councillor Geoff Meggs then insists that PavCo needs to “…do what is right by the public, not just what is right by PavCo.”

Councillor Meggs goes on to explain about agreements made between PavCo and the City prior to the stadium renovations, “They promised when they applied for rezoning in the first place they would come forward to the city the way anybody else would under the circumstances.”  Crown corporations traditionally respect municipal bylaws, but PavCo erected the screens without city approval.  

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