Sunday, 22 January 2012

Vancouver requires “clear action plan” on digital signs compliance at BC Place

In this story appearing in the Georgia Straight, Vision Vancouver councillor Geoff Meggs describes the unanimous motion passed by Vancouver City Council concerning the giant digital billboards at BC Place Stadium and describes how the City is requesting that PavCo follow standard protocols which are typically followed by Crown Corporations, “This motion asks PavCo to do what Crown corporations have said in the past they would do...that they would adhere to city policies and procedures when it came to issues that would normally be under our jurisdiction”.

Meggs’ motion, which was passed unanimously by City Council, asks Vancouver’s city manager to write to PavCo, advising them that the City requires a clear action plan to bring the signs into compliance “with city standards and processes”.  City Manager Penny Ballem adds that “there’s a larger question here as we go forward... about PavCo’s relationship to the city.” 

– It seems that PavCo CEO Warren Buckley’s appalling lack of community values and shameful actions are not only trouncing on local city residents’ right to a peaceful home environment, but now Buckley is also putting into jeopardy BC PavCo’s long-term relationship with the City of Vancouver.  …Not exactly qualities you’d want from the head of one of our provincial organisations, nor someone you’d want empowered to make such big decisions about the shape and character of our City.

(Please click the following link for full Georgia Straight News story)